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La bank
  • Capital study biss

    Capital Studies is a life insurance contract that allows you to build savings remunerated in order to prepare for higher education of your children. The contract is doubled life insurance or disability absolute and final (IAD), which guarantees to the beneficiaries the payment of the savings made, plus a capital death / TPD. This contract guarantees: The payment of a term-certain annuity to the beneficiary designated by the contract in case of death or disability, the absolute or final payment of The capital sum saved with an attractive remuneration at the end of the term of the contract

  • Real estate credit

    Thanks to personalized financing,IBD (International Bank of Development) gives you the opportunity to acquire, develop or construct the residence of your dreams. On measurement : a loan tailored to your needs - purchase of land, construction, renovation, acquisition of real estate in anticipation of the sale of an existing property, purchase, real estate rental etc Flexible : you can pay your loan in advance, to modify or suspend your repayments..

  • The bank daily

    The everyday banking Your customer Area, the Internet offers you a wide range of banking services for the ongoing management of your accounts or communicate with our services. Consultation of your accounts and contracts, Banking transactions such as wire transfer, online transactions on the savings or life insurance contracts or retirement...., Online subscription products and services, Printing or downloading to a bank identity Statement (RIB), Order checkbook and envelopes to match

  • Payment by card

    The client expanded the range of payment methods to its customers. It is an appropriate pricing and a tailored approach. He no longer has the manual processing of cash to perform. There is no longer need to travel to the bank to make deposits of funds.Receipts are secure. It is no longer exposed to the risk of loss, theft or assault