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Stock exchange transaction

A major player in the financial market is regional, our subsidiary BICI BOURSE dedicated to the investment advisory and financial engineering, offers a range of products and services in the following areas. Investment of cash in short-term Retention of the securities Notes equity research and publications financial Advice investment opportunities In addition to access to a network of strategic partners international BNP Paribas Corporate Finance BNP Paribas Bank Financing and Investment Research partnership and Joint Venture Your company has a policy of growth or diversification, and you are in search of partners, domestic and foreign Merger and acquisition, consulting in privatization and concession of public services You have targeted a company that you are planning to acquire, you want to participate in a tender for the privatization of a company, or you wish to apply for the award of a concession of a public service Board on the occasion of the divestments of companies You want to sell your company or the transfer in the framework of a contribution of assets Restructuring, recapitalization, group organization, strategy consultancy Your company holds a portfolio of investments, whether listed or not on the stock exchange. You need advice in relation to restructuring, organization, group, or definition in the strategy ? Funding by conversion of debt or repurchases of term accounts You are a foreign investor and you have an investment project in the Ivory Coast ?

Credit lease

The Lease is a financing which meets the investment needs of your business. It is a rental property for professional use with a promise of sale at the end of the contract. Freedom of choice, You remain in control of the choice of your material, and you negotiate freely the price with the supplier. Flexibility You opt to rent suited to your business . You can, at the end of your agreement : to Acquire the equipment, in the case of a contract of lease only Renew your lease in setting a new duration, and the purchase option to Return the equipment Full-Funding Your investment is 100% funded

Credit to medium-and long-term

You want to launch an investment program, grow your business, or create a new business ? A credit medium-term credit or long term suitable for your project, the investment Credit and to the credit of strengthening of working capital Credit, structured financing and project Acquisition of assets and capacity increase - Acquisition of business - industrial Projects The LTAC are several advantages to Financing your investment program of up to 70% benefit of a deferred repayment repay at your own pace